Can Computers Change The Future Of The Young Generation?

Can Computers Change The Future Of The Young Generation?

Will computers have a positive or a negative effect on the future of the youth? There is no definite answer to this question. Experts believe that it will have a good impact because it will open new doors for the kids. Computers can indeed bring great opportunities for kids, but disadvantages may also arise from it.


The first disadvantage is about the increasing dependency on computers. Kids will be less interested in books and other reading materials now. They will need game consoles and television to entertain them. Video games will also be their entertainment now.


Video games are usually controlled with the help of game controllers. If a kid uses a computer, his/her controls will get dirty. So, the kid will not perform well in school or other games if his/her computer has not been cleaned. Video games also have adverse effects. They will make the children addictive, and they will spend countless hours in front of the computer playing video games.

a negative effect on the future of the youth

Another possible reason why computer games will harm the youth’s future is its harmful effects on the family. Teens can get into fights when they are not supervised. If their parents are not around to monitor their activities, they might invite some bad influences in the family. Can computers change the future of the youth if they will not be observed?


How about video games? Kids nowadays spent a lot of time in front of the TV. They also use most of their free time in front of a computer. So, if they have to be monitored, how can we control them? Teens will probably spend more time in front of the video game than in the real world.


Will computers change the future of the youth, if we will not monitor what they are doing in front of the computer? Video games can lead to violence. Teens who are into video games can be viewed as anti-social characters in society. Video games can also destroy the childhood memories of the youth. It can cause brain damage if they will somehow manage to get hold of the video game and try to play it in their home and neglect their responsibilities and obligations.


As you can see, there are severe results of having too much consumption of computer games. Computer games will change the youth’s future if it contributes to the destruction of their childhood and social values deterioration. What will the next generation think when they hear that computer games can change society’s future? I think most people would consent with this statement.


Nowadays, video games can be purchased through the Internet. We should be cautious about the purchase of video games because too much of them can badly affect youth. This is why parents must be careful in the choice of computer games for their children. Let us hope that computer games will be beneficial for the society and the youth in the future.

lots of advantages of using the computer

There are lots of benefits to using a computer in our daily life. But there are also some disadvantages if we consider the excessive use of the computer by the youth. Excessive computer use can lower the ability of the brain to process information and learn new things. If there will be too many computer games, the youth will face difficulties learning something because they will not have enough time to study. Most of the time, young people’s brainpower will be decreased because of the so-called ‘educational’ computer games.


I believe that computer games can bring negative effect on youth. Many experts have said that the video game will affect the children’s mental growth and harm their physical development. I have read many articles and books about this matter. Experts say that computer games will have a significant effect on children’s health.


Video games will be the basic need for youth. They will be used most of their time just playing and trying to get the best score. This is not good for their health. In this regard, I think that it is crucial to introduce some educational computer games for children because they will get more interest in reading and other reading materials. Let us use computer technology in the right way and give the young generation a promising future.

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