Is Children Grows Faster Due to Technology?

Is Children Grows Faster Due to Technology?

Children’s growth is affected by numerous factors. Important ones are that children grow up faster mentally because of technology. There are several disadvantages and advantages to this.


First of all, technology has given a lot of advantages. The world has become so advanced in a short time. There is no need to compare human with animals – they are far more advanced than you can ever imagine. In the past, people were unable to do anything without a machine. Today children live a very comfortable life without needing to use devices at all!


Secondly, technology makes children smarter. Today you will find that many children are being encouraged to learn more and get involved in various activities. This is a tremendous advantage for society because children are now more responsible for their actions. If we take the case of children growing faster, the importance of children grows faster as well.


On the other hand, there are also some disadvantages of technology. One of these is that it makes children lazy. Today you often hear children asking their parents for a computer or mobile phone. Some parents think that children are asking for more convenience. However, such a thought is wrong!

Children today are trying to be more independent.

Children today are trying to be more independent than ever. They want to do things on their own, they want to get an education on their own, and they don’t like to be dependent on their parents anymore. At this point, parents should be more supportive, and they should encourage children to be more self-sufficient. Parents should also be careful because many disadvantages of technology can also have positive effects. For example, the disadvantages of technology are also good opportunities.


The disadvantages of technology can bring advantages for children. That is because children who grow up with computers or mobile phones tend to be more independent. When you are dependent on your parents, you start being less responsible, you also become lazy, and you are not very adventurous. More self-sufficient children tend to be more adventurous, they are always on the go, and they don’t care about what their parents think!


Children who grow up in the modern times are very computer and internet literate. They can use the internet, and they even surf social media sites. They also watch movies online or play video games. All these activities make children spend more time indoors. However, the problem is that children spend too much time indoors. They hardly see the outdoors, and they don’t interact with nature.


Are children faster mentally because of technology? It is impossible to deny that the progress we have made is a boon to our children, but they don’t enjoy the fruits of their advancement. Children are supposed to enjoy the fruits of learning. If they don’t want the fruits of wisdom, they can’t developmentally and spiritually.


Are children growing faster mentally because of technology? The only method this can be determined is if the child grows faster physically. Children who have physical ailments tend to be lethargic, and they get tired quickly. If children are always worn out, they cannot be expected to work at all and developmentally. Healthy children have plenty of activities to do tend to develop better mentally.


Technology has provided us to be more connected with each other. It has increased the speed of communication. With the help of the internet, children can chat with their friends anywhere globally, which makes their mental growth spurt faster. Children have to be physically active to have a healthy mind and develop their mind development properly. When parents to monitor the activities of their children, they get to see the development of their children.

impact of technology on children

What is the impact of technology on children? Children are not supposed to use a mobile phone or go online without supervision. When parents monitor their children’s activities, they also find that they are talking and using the computer for chatting with their friends even after the use of parental controls on the computers. Online games also help children develop their minds. They learn while playing these games, which allows them to be more responsible for using technology.


Children are exposed to various forms of media every day. This makes them more hyper and triggers rapid mental growth spurts. When parents monitor their children’s activities, they find that they are using the telephone and the internet for chatting with their friends even after they are supposed to be at home. Children do not have control over the amount of time they spend on the internet. When parents find that their children spend more time online than they do at home, they should talk to their children about the amount of time they spend on the internet.

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