The Good and the Bad of Technology

The Good and the Bad of Technology

Over the years, many individuals have written about the benefits of technology. Some of these individuals include such notable individuals as Enron CEO Richard Kusser, who is infamous for stating, “When computers and technology are combined with human intelligence, man becomes a computer.” Another individual who is often lauded for his or her views on technology is Steve Jobs. In his infamous speech at Stanford University in 2004, he spoke about the need for developers to create products that can only be dreamed up by someone who has the mind of a genius. Despite this, Jobs was correct about the importance of developers having the ability to think outside the box and create products that genuinely do extraordinary things.

 Although many people are still worried about the disadvantages of technology, these disadvantages range from those that relate to the negative impact technology has had on a society to those that are merely practical. One of the most common objections to the technology is the fact that it removes people from the process of creating. By removing people from the process, technology causes a reduction in productivity. Productivity is important because it allows workers to be more productive and to reach their goals.

a reduction in individual freedom

However, some see this argument as a reduction in individual freedom. They argue that people who are removed from creating new items will become less productive overall because they are not involved in the creation process. Additionally, technology is challenging to understand for some people. Without the human factor, technology is unable to reach its full potential. For these reasons, technology is often looked at as a threat rather than an advantage.


Some of the advantages of the technology include the fact that it creates a possibility. This is also true in the region of entertainment. It is now possible to create entire movies and television series using the computer. Along with this advantage is the fact that computers are now very affordable.


Another advantage of the technology is the fact that it is available to everyone. The Internet and other technologies allow anyone to access this information at any time. This is another advantage that makes technology bring closer to people. Individuals do not have to wait until something becomes popular before they can access it. Technology has made it possible for individuals to access information on the Internet even before it becomes popular.

disadvantage of technology

One disadvantage of technology is that it can cause separation between people. For instance, while one person is working on a computer, they may be working away from their family. This is an advantage in some ways, but it can also be a disadvantage when it comes to how the information obtained may be unproductive. This is why individuals need to be involved in the use of technology.


One of the most significant disadvantages of technology is the amount of money wasted in the process. Since everything is done online, there is no need for physical items to be purchased. This saves money and allows people to save money that would otherwise be spent on buying physical products. Also, technology is often used in a manner that causes more harm than good. For instance, downloading songs on a cellular phone is never a good idea. However, this is common knowledge because all cell phones can be able to download songs.


Overall, technology has become an integral part of our lives. It has permitted people to access information that would not have been accessible years ago. However, it is up to us to make sure that we do not waste technology. We must make sure that we positively use technology. Whether we agree with technology’s advantages or disadvantages, we must respect technology as a powerful tool and understand how it is beneficial.

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